Navy Shadow Boxes

Thank You Gift Ideas for Navy Men and Women

Those who serve in the Navy risk their lives and face several challenges throughout their service years to ensure that the country and its people stay safe always. It is our duty to thank them for their services and honor them for the sacrifices they make to keep us and our families secure. The United States celebrates Navy Day on the 27th of October. It is a great opportunity for the civilians to show their support and appreciation for women and men currently serving in the Navy and the veterans.

When it comes to giving gifts to the Navy men or women, or any other professional from other branches such as Army or Marines, the choice can be tough. If you know someone from the Navy and wish to buy a gift to express your gratitude for their sacrifice and the risk they take day to day – we suggest that you choose a personalized gift. In this article we will share different gifts ideas for Navy, Army or military men and women.

To start with you may like to give some thought on the type of gift that you would like to buy for that person – something that he or she can wear or an item that can be displayed in the living area.

Gifts for Display

Navy shadow boxes are the best types of display gifts that you can buy for Navy men and women. These boxes can be bought readymade online or you can have them customized. You can also create your own shadow boxes with the help of cardboard. The shadow boxes are display cases that usually have glass at the front that helps display the various items belonging to the Navy professionals are those that are in some way related to him.

The US flag is an important content in the shadow boxes. They may also contain medals, certificates and other considerations. You can collect whatever you can related to the Navy and have them arranged in a presentable manner within the shadow boxes. You can also include photographs, coins, ribbons, symbols and other stuff related to the Navy. You may even include a personalized greeting card thanking the Navy men or women for their services.

Apart from the Navy shadow boxes, some other important types of display gifts that can be given to the veterans include plaques and shields that can be kept in the living room or hall area.

Wearable Gifts

You can also give wearable gifts to the Navy men or women and these include themed wrist watches, belts, pins, hats, jackets, helmets and so on. It helps to do some research about the likes and dislikes of the person you want to gift. For example, if the veteran loves riding bikes then you can gift him a nice helmet with Navy logos on the side. They have spent a large part of their lives serving our country, they deserve spending some time doing what they love and such thoughtful gifts will be highly appreciated.