Top 5 Reasons to Join the US Navy

The Navy is much more than launching ships and aircrafts…it establishes careers! Whether you are on active duty or joining the reserve, the job gives you sense of purpose that cannot be experienced in any other profession. The team you will be a part of is larger than life. It will give you the opportunity to prove your worth and make a difference for your nation. The kind of education, training and opportunities you will receive in this career will make you a better human being.

People join the Navy just because they want to. They have this desire to live for their country and do something extraordinary. The thrill associated with a job in the Navy drives many young men to join soon after they graduate from high school. Yet, here are 5 top reasons that make joining the Navy really worthwhile

  1. Live Close to the Ocean

Yes, you will spend your service years living in close proximity to the ocean. You will have activities in the beaches and walks on the sun bathed beach will be a common thing for you. Picking lobsters and crabs while savoring the local beer will be a part of your adventurous life. Porpoises and dolphins will be friends and sometimes you will not even notice when they flash by you.

  1. Women Love Men in Uniforms

When you clad that white uniform, you will look your best and women will just love to be friends with you.  It also works in the movies – remember Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Cuba Gooding Jr. in Men of Honor? You will get that special attention when you are in uniform and you are sure to cherish those experiences for your life

  1. Good Pay and Amazing Benefits

You are paid really well when you are a part of the US Navy and besides the good pay, you will also get other benefits such as health-care perks, vacation time with family, opportunities for skills, learning and advancement. You will get to make lifelong connections with people that will benefit you greatly. Navy spouses can also take advantage of the social circles and other benefits that are geared towards making their lives easier and enjoyable.

  1. Be a Part of Rich History and Tradition

The best event takes place in August with the CPO induction where you will meet many cheerful people full of life. The kind of respect and honor that you receive in the job that serves this country is extraordinary in itself, and when you retire you are sure to have several stories that you will narrate to family and friends.  Be a part of the Navy and experience the good life.

  1. Amazing Support Group

No matter where you go in the naval towns such as Jacksonville, Norfolk, San Diego, and Bremerton, you are sure to find people whose roots are in the Navy. You can share your stories, get advice and have a good time in their companionship. You will never say goodbye when you are in the Navy because there are many bases and you are sure to meet your friends at some other station.